Monday, January 31, 2011

My Second Host Family

This post is going to be dedicated to talking about my second host family  because I know a lot of people are really wondering what host families are like. This time around I got really lucky with my host family.

The structure of the family is my host mother, my host father, and me. Their daughter is in Denmark and they have no pets. In America I would have thought that this wouldn't be a good thing as it might be awkward or boring or something like that. But every family is different and this family has been great. I like it better this way. They have more time to help me and talk to me. And things aren't loud all night long.

My host mother speaks pretty good english. My host father doesn't speak english. But they're both very attentive. If I have any problem, my host father will be the first to notice and solve it for me even without me saying anything. This family is totally willing to compromise. They are doing some things they never did before, like buying chicken nuggets, snack food for me, not using basil when they cook, allowing me to teach them about Christmas (I gave them a small tree and helped them set it up and I gave them a christmas stocking and they have it displayed in the living room!), etc, etc. They also still live mainly the way they did before I came, which allows me to see into a normal Taiwanese family. They show me all kinds of Taiwanese foods and the ones I like they always make again for me.

Sometimes we watch movies together as well, Taiwanese TV has HBO movies which are in english with Chinese subtitles, we also watch Chinese movies with english subtitles. It helps us bond. And sometimes we have family talks with my host mother sitting in between my host father and me and translating what we're both saying.

When my host mother isn't home, it's good for my Chinese because if I want anything I need to talk Chinese with my host father. It's great because they don't pressure me into speaking in chinese with them around their schedule. They let me come to them when I have a question. I really don't like to feel forced or pressured into something. Let it come naturally.

They're both very calm and nice. They have a very wise and relaxed outlook to life. My host mother is really into the Chinese zodiac which is great because so I am and we talk about it a lot. We always do different matching test to see if our different relationships will be good or bad or etc. She knows so many of them.

They are very into health and Chinese medicine. My host mother often takes me hiking with her on the weekends. When I was sick my host parents gave me some Chinese medicine.

They cook and buy food for me. I clean my own room. I do my own dishes about half the time. I wash my own clothing. They're bedtime for me is 11 pm. They're willing to talk about it if I want to watch a movie or whatever. It's a loose guild line. I'm not allowed to eat snacks in my room.

They work with computer stuff and they started their own business. They work at their office or from home sometimes. They work a lot and really hard, but they make their own hours and so it's flexible.

I really adore them. We haven't had any problems.


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  2. I'm glad go hear that this host family is a good fit for you. It is great that your comfortable with them and it makes your experience there that much more enjoyable & enriching.

  3. @ Rebecca,
    I'm not sure if you're a robot spam machine or not. I lean towards yes. My first spam!! I've really made it now.

    @ Mom,
    It really gives me so much more respect for Taiwanese. Because my host family has shown me such kindness.