Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hey! If you have commented, emailed, or been waiting for me to respond to something:

I'm sorry! But I've been hugely busy. I'm leaving for my last grad party of the summer in a few hours and straight after that, I'm driving two hours to Boston in order to hop on a plane to my vacation. I'm going to North Carolina with my boyfriend!

I don't think I'll have internet, but even if I do, I wont have time.

Please hold on and wait for my return! I will come back and post new content and answer everyone. You've all been amazingly great. Two days ago I noticed how many comments I was getting and it blew my mind. Keep it up! Give me something to do when I come back!

So thank you, and have an amazing week!


  1. Hi,Michelle :)
    I'm Zoe,
    It's just unbelieveable.Today I just go on youtube and typed exchange students in Taiwan.And guess what? I found the viedo you made. That's awesome. because I'm exchange students too.I just got back from U.S Wisconsin.And I live in Taipei Taiwan. Hope I can have this chance to make firend with you:D
    you can add me on facebook "Kung,Jo-Yu"
    hope I have this chance to know you:D

  2. @Zoe

    Hi! It's so cool that you found me! I already added you on facebook! I also hope we can be friends. Maybe you can help me out when I am in Taiwan. I'm a little nervous about going to Taiwan, but really excited. How old are you? What grade are you in?
    Thanks for commenting!! Things like this are exactly why I started a blog.
    Nice to meet you!