Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bag of gifts, finished pins, feelings about leaving

Hi Everyone! 

I know I haven't updated in awhile. But I'm back!! My vacation was fun and a little sad because I know my time in America is coming to an end.

So let's get started!
Yesterday, as I was putting all of the gifts I'm bringing to Taiwan into a bag I felt like Santa Claus. I have this huge plastic bag and it's absolutely filled. I've realized it's going to need it's own suit case. I cant just fit it in with clothing like I was planning to. I added a few things since the last gift post. 

ONE NEW GIFT IDEA: Your high school's merchandise. I got a bunch of my school branded stuff. Pens, pencils, bags, mugs, etc. This gives the Taiwanese a taste of your home school. Plus, you might be able to get somethings for free with your school if you talk to the right person on the right day.   

To see what other gifts I packed click here.

Yesterday I also finished making my handmade pins!

I made red, white, and blue pins with silver backings. For more info about pins click here.

Overall, I'm really happy about the pins I made. What do you guys think? Comment below. 

It's really quick and easy to make this kind. Just break out the hot glue gun and you're done. I recommend it this method.  

Now I've got to talk about my feelings. Before I was very excited and just happy happy about it. But now, I'm still happy and excited, I'm just also nervous. 

I'm nervous about leaving all my friends behind. A couple of them are taking gap years as well. 
I'm nervous about meeting all the deadlines and having all the correct papers.
I'm nervous about having money when I go abroad. 
I'm nervous about starting in high school again, when I don't know anyone or the language.
I'm nervous about meeting my host family. Will they be nice, will they have time for me, will I feel welcome, etc, etc.
I'm nervous about not knowing the language.
I'm nervous about making friends.

Some of these things don't bother me as much as others. But I have a lot to do and not much time. Whenever I think I'm done with something, five more things pop up. 

I'll miss everyone who means something to me in America. I hope that they'll all follow my blog and still talk to me a bit. I know being an exchange student means letting go of America, but a little contact is more than healthy. 

Overall, my feelings are normal. I'll keep you updated. 

So please comment, and follow me. Look around at other posts. Your interest in my blog really helps me keep going with it. The people who I don't know in real life, it means a lot to me when you take time out of your life to talk to a girl you've never met. Those comments are very meaningful. 

And for the people in my life who comment, I know all of you are keepers. And I know we will never lose contact. And I'll miss you very much. 


  1. Those pins look incredible!
    They look much better than the ones you bought. And they're much more significant than ones you buy since you made them yourself.

    I know you're very nervous, but everything will work out. Nothing you are leaving will be gone forever. This is going to be the longest and perhaps greatest vacation of your life, but it will not last forever.

    And when it is done, those of us who love you will be waiting.

  2. @David

    You're so good to me.

    I'm very happy with the pins. Want one?!? I'll be happy to give you one. You gave me so many.

  3. Hey i need your help please :D

    I have my rotary interview this sunday at 1pm and i was wondering if you got tips for me?

    What do they ask?
    how should you act?
    tell me everything sbout the rotary interview that you can please

    email me @ (its me sage)

  4. Hi Sage!

    Here's what I'm going to do for you, I'm going to write a post on my blog about this, just for you! I hope it helps you. I wish you had asked me a little earlier, but nevertheless, I will have it done by today for you.

    If you don't see this, I will link you to the post via email.


  5. i don't think you should worry about the family, since i think that they are probably interviewed by the people from rotary before they are chosen. if they had cages in their rooms with their children locked inside playing yaoi, i highly doubt they would be chosen. although maybe that would be something of interest.....>.>

    and will i be able to call you once ur their? you said something about david being able to contact you. How much does that cost? do you have to buy a special phone once ur in taiwan or does rotary give you a specific amount of free minutes to call back to america??

    and when you come to umass, I'll make sure to inform my roomate that i'll probably have someone sleeping in my bed every night. i'm sure they won't mind ;D

  6. BTW!!! for some reason i couldn't see the pictures??? D: post them on facebook. i want to see what you made.

  7. Hey, could you post new links to the pins?
    I couldn't seem them.

  8. I will repost these pictures. But today is my first day at my host family's house, so not today.

  9. I fixed the pictures!! Sorry for the long wait!