Thursday, June 10, 2010

Electronics to Buy in Taiwan

In Taiwan, most things are cheaper. Clothing, drinks, electronics, etc. As such, I have a really long list of things I will need to for Taiwan, but I will wait until I get there to buy. On the top of that list are two things, both related to electronics.

I need a camera, and a electronic dictionary.

In USD my budget is $200 each. For the kind of stuff I want I would never be able to get those both for $200 each.

I'll show you what I mean.

Camera: Budget is $200 USD or $6,445 NT.
Must be able to:
-Zoom (even during video)
-record long HD videos
-Not blur when things are moving in picture
-take good pictures at night and in the day
-Not go out of focus every couple of seconds when I am recording a video and moving around.
-Have fast shutter speed
-A lot of memory
(David also tells me I should get an SD card with 8gb)

Electronic dictionary: Budget is the same.
Must be able to:
-english to Chinese
-Chinese to english
-English to Japanese
-Japanese to English
-draw characters on screen

In America, I could get a so-so camera for $200, but in Taiwan I can get something a little out of my range with some freebies. In America I could buy the dictionary I want online for $300, maybe $280.

If you have any advise on cameras, or what not to get please share. Also, if you have questions, please ask. When I buy these things in Taiwan I will update you.


  1. the camera i have is really nice. it has the HD pictures and auto focuses so you don't have to do that yourself. best of all it looks really really pretty ;D also, if your looking for the dictionary i would just try and find a newer version of the one that keiko has. i googled the "cannon wordtank" on google and found a really good one for 300, but that's probably the one u saw to >O<
    Wut I think is you should just invest in an english to chinese one, since i highly doubt your going to need very much japanese in taiwan, and you'll probably be pretty busy BUUUUT usually what i say doesn't really change your mind >U<

    ANYWAYS i would just save up as much money as i could and buy all the stuff i wanted cheaper there. even though it might not b the same "american" quality i'm sure you'll be happy with having a much larger wad of money in your pocket ;P n i still have to buy you a going away present so don't go all ape-shit crazy on buying stuff. ne~?

  2. Most taiwanese electronic are better quality than ours. But clothing tends to be... questionable even if stylish.

    I need the Japanese dictionary for when I come back to American college. I'm thinking ahead to save money.

    But don't spend too much money this time. XD