Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blazer and Banquet!

Me with all the outbounds in my district.
Me looking at another camera, we had to take so many pictures.

Hi Everyone,

I just had the last Rotary get together before I leave. This one was the most fun, least awkward, and actually useful! It was very exciting and a little sad.

We went to eat at this really nice place, and everyone talked and shared. Then we received our blazers and some pins. Our parents had to help us put on our blazers. Some of the inbounds talked and cried.


  1. Ew. That sounds awful. I hope you weren't one of the people crying....

    Also, whose the boy on the way left?? He looks like one of the French kids. If so, you have to tell me again why you refuse to become friends with him...

  2. The people in this picture are all outbounds. So they're all... American. No one is french here.

    I didn't cry. That was the inbounds who were about to leave the country.

    The two french kids are kind of mean. They made fun of an American boy. And wet his sleeping bag in the middle of night.