Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Answers to questions!

Random picture online.
"One Rotary tradition is that students cover their blazers in pins and patches they have traded with other students or bought in places they have visited as evidence of their exchange. It is popular for the students to bring a large collection of national- or regional-themed pins and trade them with students from other areas. This tradition is popular worldwide." -

These are all the inbounds and outbounds in my district. The ones in light blue are french. ; D


  1. The pin thing sounds like so much fun!! You definitely should deck out your blazer with lots of Taiwanese things/get as many as you can from everyone else. Especially from the French kids. They're kind of hideous and they look really stupid with blue blazers and jeans. Did they actually look in the mirror before they came to the event? Did that kid in the front actually think it was appropriate to wear blue jeans? I hope they have an awful time in America, or wherever they're going. Maybe they'll both be put somewhere in Bridgeport. It would be fitting for negative fish like them.

  2. although im late, this trend is really catching on in the states. Im ready to deck out my blazer with some anime and flag pins.

  3. Cool! This trend has been around for years though, even here. Well, only with Rotary blazers. Which type of blazer are you talking about? It's fun but the blazer gets so heavy and the backs of the pins poke you. XD