Monday, February 14, 2011

David's post and update

So to some of you, David's post may seem rather sudden. I know many of you thought it was all fun in the sun with rotary. But actually this has been an ongoing problem.

Basically their are exchange students here doing drugs*, having sex all over the place, getting drunk every night and not speaking a word of Chinese. But rotary, for some bizarre reason, is threatening to send me home and has a strange opinion that my heart is not in this exchange.

I spend all day working really hard on a rotary party, and then I come home and I get these completely bizarre emails from rotary telling me they hope I can turn it around and make something of my exchange year. And start to be a good exchange student. I really have no clue what they're going on about. But it gets depressing to hear people always telling you you're failing at something you're actually doing better than 95% of the others.

Rotary doesn't like that I have a blog. That is my big sin. And they don't like when I don't write all 100% happy things. That's not real life though.

I would like to better my relationship with them, but I just don't even think they grasp how hard I work or what I good exchange student I am. It's insulting and tiring to have to try to prove myself to them when in fact, I am a very good exchange student. I don't know what they're thinking or where their info is coming from. It shouldn't be coming from people who have never met me or from people who see me once a month, or people who were, in fact, very abusive when I lived with them.

Being a good student and being polite just gets you taken advantage of.

But anyway, most of the rotary members are not bad people at all. They're the reason I'm here after all. But I have to say, they've been the biggest problem since getting here. Why? I'm not sure. I don't know what their problem is.

Anyway, this isn't a real post explaining how I feel and the problem, it's just a follow up as to why my boyfriend is so angry.

This is a process. Yes this post is a little negative, but, things are always changing. So we will see.

*Not technically illegal, that I know of, with the current exchange students. Although the past ones... 


  1. Actually I was just going through a bunch of old stuff and got here from the link you posted at

    Might just as well have written the exact same as you last year if rotary wasn't reading my blog every day.

    I'm surprised, though, that they don't like that you're blogging. In my case everybody thought that it was a great way to remember things. Well, maybe my blog had a lot more sugar too...
    (By the way, there's a word for it: "Romanticizing". Yeah, we learn crazy stuff like that in Danish schools.)

    I wish I could do something to help, but I only know a few people in rotary down there, and those are some of the good guys so they don't have a lot of influence. But if you will allow me, I would like to repost this on my own blog, possibly with excerpts from David's article.

  2. Rotary reads my blog every single day and hasn't been exactly hiding the fact that if I post one thing they don't like, I will be sent home at once. However, I have to ask myself, is the truth worth it to me? And it is.

    They hate my blog because it casts light onto the good AND THE BAD. Your blog totally was romanticized way more in comparison to mine. However your blog was also better quality.

    Post anything you want from my blog on yours. I give you freedom to take from anywhere. I'm sure you'll link back to me. I think the more people who become aware of the cons and the pros, the more I am doing my job as a blogger.

    I was thinking about you recently. Did you really follow the one hour internet rule? When you have a blog, that's impossible. When you went home early, did they give you hell for it? Honestly, I think it's easier on guys here; They don't hold you to the same standards that they would hold me to.

  3. Oh and, that comment you wrote to me just before I left, sometime in the future when things cool off for me, would in be possible for me to repost that here? I want to put it into a reflection post. I'll have you look at the post before I actually post it if you're nervous. XD

  4. Yeah, I know, they seem to generally go a little harder on the girls over there, especially rotary.
    I'm not sure if there were a 1-hour rule in my district or not. I might have heard about it but it didn't really apply to me. It's not like I spent that much time in front of the computer in total though. I was taking photographs and exploring town all the time. (And school took up a lot of time, too, especially when I started hanging out over there after classes were over, imagine why I'd do that.)
    The school was really what helped me through. Especially one teacher I had for private chinese lessons was also the one who handled contact with rotary. She herself had her problems with the authoritarian culture that some groups of Taiwanese can express, but she was used to it and knew how to handle it.
    If you know a person similar to that, or who can at least just be trusted and will listen to you and give advice, well, you probably know what to do already. (But it has to be someone in Taiwan. parents or sweethearts are nice supporters, but it's not what you need most.)

    Yeah, I'd appreciate it if you reuse my content. If I use your stuff, it'll only be fair if you get to use mine as well.