Saturday, June 19, 2010

Letter from host mom (kind of) and High School in Taiwan!

Hey Everyone,

It's the weekend before finals and I'm going to do a post to update you, but I really shouldn't be. XD Such is my dedication to you.

I'm actually hoping one of my teachers will be able to use this as my final grade, but that might be doubtful.

I kind of received a letter from my host mother. She sent it from her other email, so I think that means she doesn't use the one I've sent her things on. I don't think she's been receiving my letters. But I sent a letter to her other email yesterday.

Um, the email she sent was telling me to arrive in taiwan from August 20 to August 26. But I don't really book that, rotary does. Anyway, I leave the 2oth. She didn't write much more than that.

BUT!!! I just found out school starts August 30 for me! Which means I'll be in Taiwan for like a week before I have to go to school!! Chotto kowai (A little scary).

I'm going to Taipei Kai-Ping Vocational and Culinary School. I've heard a lot about Taiwanese schools. Like, many of them are in old prison jail buildings... And in Asia, you're not allowed to curl your hair, wear nail polish, jewelry, etc. This is an article about my school in Taiwan. It's in English. It's very interesting. I have a pretty sweet school, I think.

Some pictures I found:
餐100拜師大典_32 by 開平餐飲學校 Taipei Kai-Ping Culinary School
餐100拜師大典_34 by 開平餐飲學校 Taipei Kai-Ping Culinary School
I hereby name you.... CHEF!! XD


I can't seem to find any pictures of the actual school building.

I wonder if our school lunches will be better than the average in Taiwanese high schools...? I'll find out when I'm there and tell you!

My host mother wrote:

"Dear Michelle:
I'm your host Mom Olivia Liu, Did you receive my emaildated 9/6/2010.
Please make arrangements to arrive Taipei, Taiwan between August 21 and August 26 in order to give you time to settle in to your new home before School begins on August 30."

My visa stuff is sent to the visa place also! We were a day late, but I was told it didn't matter and was just going to sit around for a couple weeks anyway. Weird.

So, wish me luck on my finals. I'm going to need it.


If any of you have ever been an exchange student, please tell me about it! Comment below! What are the pros and cons?

AND if you're going to be an exchange student what are you happy/ worried about? Tell me!!


  1. The pictures look like something from a reality show >U< When you get your cap, you better be able to make me some really good taiwanese food when you get back. Not just curry ;D
    And good luck trying to convince Mr. Epifanio to use this as your final grade! I'm pretty sure he'll consider it more than other teachers would, but if you're going to ask him to use it then you should do some more blogs about what you expect life to be like, how it will influence your thinking etc. I think he likes that stuff.

  2. This school sounds more and more exciting!
    When you get home i'm going to expect you to oook me tons of food.

    So.. what's the ratio of male/female at the school?

  3. Omg! One of my really good exchange friends went there. Her name is Ayumi and she's from Japan. :) The other two there last year are Americans.

    This is so crazy to read about this years exchange students! Do you know who's at Yong Chun? That was my school. I know there are three, but I don't know anything else about them.